Marie Kennelly, founder of Elizabelle, has found her forte in making her clients dream home a reality.

Years of designing and sourcing the perfect products for her shop and her clients has seen Marie develop a reputation for excellence in all that she does. The care and attention to detail that is evident in the product selection for the shop is also echoed by those clients who have hired Marie to design their important rooms and living spaces.

Marie takes time to understand the needs of her customers, and above all, she listens carefully to them. She then successfully interprets and translates ideas into wonderful realities.

The time taken in selecting her suppliers is something else that differentiates Marie from other lifestyle designers. From all over Europe she carefully selects delightful furniture, textiles and fabrics, as well as the all-important accessories and finishing touches. In Elizabelle each season is welcomed with an exciting new range of products and items that continue to delight her rapidly expanding customer base. Marie prides herself in always producing a few gems and surprises each season to delight the senses – making Elizabelle the sort of shop you must visit often to discover what you missed on the last visit.

Call in soon again to see, touch and smell what you have been missing.